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African Wushu Federation Congress 2016

On May 6, 2016, the African Wushu Federation (AFWF) Congress met at the Cataract Pyramid Resorts Hotel, in Cairo, Egypt to elect a new Executive Board and discuss the development of wushu in Africa.

The members present at the meeting included Algeria, Benin, Republic of Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Gabon, Morocco, Mauritania, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Seychelles, Sudan, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe. Two proxy countries included Madagascar and Togo.
IWUF Executive Vice President Anthony Goh was the Acting Chairman of this AFWF congress due to issues relating to the delayed nature of the meeting. Other IWUF representatives present at the meeting included Mahdi Alinejad (IWUF Executive Board Member), Paulo Araujo (IWUF Executive Board Member), and Lily Fang (IWUF Secretariat Administrative Manager). General Ahmed Nasser, President of Association of African Sports Confederation (AASC) attended the meeting as well.
The congress unanimously accepted five countries presented at the meeting -- Seychelles, Nigeria, Mauritania, Madagascar and Zimbabwe -- to vote in the elections. Two new members, Seychelles and Liberia, were also admitted into the AFWF. After the congress agenda was approved, the AFWF Executive Board election was held.
The newly elected Board of AFWF is as follows:
Mr. Sherif Moustafa was elected unopposed as the new President of AFWF.
The four Vice Presidents (based on the four geographical zones of Africa -- North, East, West and South) are Patrice Komenan (Benin), Ramaherison Jose (Madagascar), Jurgens Lamprecht (South Africa), and Zahra Mohamed Adel (Tunisia).
In the Executive Board member election, nine countries contested for the available six spots. Five countries -- Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire, Morocco, Senegal and Nigeria -- were elected in the first ballot. Congo and Togo went into a second round of voting, which was won by Congo.
The new Executive Board members include: Steve Dzibril Kouma (Congo), Meite Siaka (Cote d'Ivoire), Luc Bendza (Gabon), Boubker Benbada (Morocco), Olukole M. Oladeinede (Nigeria), and Sala Dior Mbaye (Senegal).
For the Technical Committee, two candidates contested for the position which was won by Abderrahman of Morocco.
Following the elections, the acting chairman, Mr. Goh, congratulated the newly elected president, vice presidents and members of the executive board.  "The IWUF is delighted to see that the key members
of the continental federation are united in their commitment to the continued growth and prosperity of our sport in Africa."
AASC President, General Ahmed Nasser, took to the podium to thank the IWUF for a job well done putting AFWF in the right direction. He also congratulated the newly elected president, vice presidents and executive members, urging them to lead the continental body with passion and dedication. He noted that wushu's admission into the All African Games will depend on the organizing committee of the subsequent Games. The next host of the Games has yet to be announced.
As the new board took over, it was announced to the congress that based on Chapter One, article 1.1 of the AFWF constitution, the headquarters of AFWF will automatically move from Libya to Egypt. It was also noted that the AFWF General Secretary and Treasurer will come from Egypt with no voting rights.
Addressing the congress for the first time as the new president, Sherif Mostafa congratulated all elected members and also gave a word of encouragement to those that lost in the elections, noting that it is all about democracy which AFWF stands for. He emphasized the need and importance of working together as a unit, pledged that his administration will be fair and transparent, and there will be no room for individual interest. He also urged the member countries to work together as one in building wushu in Africa. He thanked IWUF for its support of the congress.
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